A Boutique of Masters with a tailor-made approach
The Farotti method is characterized by great attention paid to relations: a direct relationship with clients and dialogue are leading values which make the difference, making it possible to offer quality and care in services which make a difference.
Client approach is customized not only in terms of exact identification of their specific needs, but also of enhancement of the sharing aspect, through a creative and proactive exchange and the willingness to collaborate in innovative marketing projects.

The creation of a fragrance takes place on the basis of a process of assistance, in a technical and legislative realm, in close collaboration with the client, of whom the company tries to interpret the style both in terms of taste and image requirements.
This often implies several adaptations of the formula, with interventions which may even be infinitesimal, to single out that particular note which is able to fit someone like a tailor-made dress.
Besides customized projects Farotti Essenze creates new fragrances daily based on its own initiative, drawing inspiration from current trends with a very personal interpretation of the concept of quality and originality in fragrances.
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